Our list of international products and services

Our international activities include the purchase and sale of Christmas trees, wood, grounds care, management of forest properties etc.

This page sumarizes our international activitives outside of Denmark. You can see a full list of our business areas (including Denmark) on our page ABOUT US.

Sale of Christmas trees and greenery

Through our brand "HD NordicTrees" we provide quality Christmas trees and greenery on the European market cultivated with respect for the enviroment and delivered with personal customer service from start to finish as well as a high degree of order-security.

Look for our brand:

Markets: major part of Europe
Brand name: HD NordicTrees
Websites in: English, German, Polish, Russian, French and Danish 

Trade in raw wood and wood chip

Through our brand "HD Silva" we trade in raw wood and wood chip on the European market with a strong position and local presence on the German market. HD Silva supplies customers with a high professional and ethical competence in service, procurement, logistics and finance.

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Markets: Europe and internationally
Brand name: HD Silva
Websites in: German and English  

Sale of equipment for Christmas tree production

Through our brand "HD 2412" we sell equipment mainly for the production of Christmas trees in Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom with online shopping currently available to customers in Denmark and Germany. 

Look for our brand:

Markets: Mainly Christmas tree plantations in Denmark, Germany and the U.K.
Brand name: HD 2412
Websites in: Danish and German

Forest management and investment

Our brand "HD Forest" is the largest private independent manager and developer of sustainable forests in the Baltic States. The department has been active in the Baltic States since 1998 and is recognised for local expertise and management. 

Look for our brand:

Markets: European investors, Baltic forest owners
Brand name: HD Forest
Websites in: English, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian  

Trade in and processing of seeds

Our brand "HD Seed" supplies seeds for the production of broad-leaved as well as coniferous species of bushes and trees all over Europe. Their products consist of a wide range of quality seeds from stands and seed orchards well-suited for Danish and European conditions.

Look for our brand:

Markets: European nurseries and Christmas tree growers (etc.)
Brand name: HD Seed
Websites in: English

Environment and recycling in Sweden

Through our Swedish brand "HD BioRec" we reuse ressources by recycling residual products from companies and waste processing plants into (among other things) fertilizer and feed for agricultural and farming purporses. 

Look for our brand:

Markets: Sweden
Brand name: HD BioRec
Websites in: Swedish

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