The economy and key figures of HedeDanmark

Within HedeDanmark our financial objectives are to ensure a strong business basis through a stable profitable growth, including stable, positive earnings.

On this page you will find our latest key figures for revenue, EBITDA, equity and employees. You can find further information in our management reports at

Financial and operating data DKK (mio) 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
Revenue 2,165 2,018 1,706 1,660 1,716 1,682
Result - primary operation 24 58 3 28 48 33
Equity 238 242 193 260 287 264
Avg. fulltime employees 724 1,016 970 1039 838 813

Profit to the benefit of Danish society

The part of HedeDanmark’s current profit which is not used to develop our business is paid as dividends to the owner of the company, the association Hedeselskaber. Here, the dividends are used to invest in and develop innovative, commercial solutions which may further society’s development of good natural or environmental solutions and for philanthropic purposes to benefit nature and society.