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Types of collaboration

Focus on value creation is the core of HedeDanmark’s collaboration with customers and business partners. Trust, openness and flexibility are the key words in this collaboration.

Partnerships: collaboration to the benefit of both parties

Close collaboration based on openness, trust and a close dialogue form the centre of HedeDanmark’s partnerships. Better use of equipment and employees as well as the best possible framework to create new ideas and solutions to the benefit of both parties are objectives of HedeDanmark’s partnering models.


Public-private collaboration: extensive experience with public Danish authorities

Today, HedeDanmark has the largest portfolio of public-private collaboration in the operation of roads and parks in Denmark. Development projects, extended collaboration and integrated partnerships with major and minor administration are examples of the types of public-private collaboration in which HedeDanmark is involved.


Outsourcing: more than just the lowest price

The government, regions and municipalities today outsource more and more public tasks to private companies. Today, HedeDanmark operates roads and parks in the municipalities of Favrskov, Svendborg and Frederikssund among others and handles maintenance and care of historic forests in Aarhus and Odense.


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