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Valuable development of seeds

HedeDanmark breeds, improves, develops and sells seeds of a high quality to customers in Denmark, Europe, Russia and North America. With professionalism and innovation, HedeDanmark has gained the position as the largest private breeder and developer of forest seeds in Denmark.

Innovation and seed development
HedeDanmark’s department, HD Seed, focuses on the development, production and sale of seeds to professional customers in Denmark and abroad. Typically, customers are nurseries producing plants for forestry and Christmas trees as well as other seed dealers. HD Seed also delivers high value added special seed products to producers of ornamental plants for the European market.

Largest private forest seed grower
Today, HD Seed is the largest private breeder and developer of genetics and forest seeds in Denmark. Customers are mainly from the European market but also from the Russian and North American markets.

Seeds and business create value
Innovation and production development take place in close collaboration with HedeDanmark’s professional customers. This collaboration ensures development with focus on creating a sustainable, environmental and competitive product with a strong business potential.

Seeds are produced in various areas in Denmark and in Georgia.

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