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Reuse of residual products for bio gasification, fertiliser, feed etc.

HedeDanmark’s department for the reuse of residual products is Denmark's leading operator in this field when it comes to handling and utilising residual products for agricultural purposes

The department’s focus on customers:

  • Utility companies whose typical residual products are sludge, bioash, etc.
  • Food / pharmaceutical companies whose residual products can be suitable for feed, fertiliser, bio gasification, composting or use for industrial production and much more

The department’s partners and recipients of residual products are mainly:

  • Plant breeders who can receive residual products as fertiliser for their fields
  • Livestock farmers who can use certain residual products as feed
  • Biogas plants capable of utilising the energy potential of the residual products


In line with the Danish Government’s Resource Strategy for waste, the department works to promote the resource reuse of residual products based on an environmental approach.

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