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stort grønt landskab

Planting and landscape development

The department handles all planting in the countryside for both public and private customers in Denmark.

Planting and landscape development focuses on afforestation and other planting tasks in the countryside, such as:

  • forests
  • energy crops
  • shelterbelts
  • camouflage plants
  • wildlife sanctuaries
  • urban plantations
  • plantations along roads and picnic areas


We handle the entire process from planning and projecting to implementation and also subsequent grounds care and maintenance.

HedeDanmark also handles all types of clearing, including urgent tasks as well as several inspection and pruning tasks along electric, gas and overhead lines for utility companies throughout Denmark.

Care and maintenance as well as thinning of existing shelterbelts, woodland and wildlife sanctuaries are tasks that we have carried out for many years and our great knowledge in the area is used for the benefit of our customers. 

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1 year old shelterbelt
1-year-old shelterbelt
4 year old shelterbelt
4-year-old shelterbelt

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