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Innovation and development

Innovation and development are integrated into HedeDanmark’s business and core values. HedeDanmark develops new solutions in several areas which improve everyday life for our customers and employees.

For HedeDanmark to be a competitive service company, it takes innovation and development of businesses, processes and procedures seriously in relation to customers and also in relation to attract the best employees.


Innovation and technology are our strengths

HedeDanmark uses new technology and develops new working methods as a matter of course. We are using mobile technology to help ensure precise, up-to-date documentation of the work we do for our customers and also to improve the general quality of our service and optimise our stores and deliveries to our customers.


Value creation with our customers

New, flexible and open types of customer collaboration also help boost efficiency and earnings for both customers and HedeDanmark. We want to add value for customers and HedeDanmark alike through detailed knowledge of processes and businesses.


Highly professional employees

HedeDanmark’s some 800 employees are crucial to our commercial success. Through our open corporate culture, established human resource policies and excellent training options, HedeDanmark aims to attract and retain highly motivated and professional employees with strong qualifications.


Investment in education
HedeDenmark is dedicated to training of the employees – both internal and external training, which focuses on maintaining and developing the professional, managerial and personal competencies of the employees. Professionalism is one of HedeDanmark’s core values to ensure that each task is being handled in the best possible way for both customers, the environment, nature and our staff.

Focus on research environments

HedeDanmark’s management and several of our employees participate in working groups at various Danish universities and research institutions. The objectives include the development of new financial and environmentally sound solutions to the benefit of HedeDanmark, our customers and Danish society. HedeDanmark is working with research fellows on a regular basis.

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