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HedeDanmarks Nursery has closed in 2018 

Brøndlundgård Planteskole closed completely in the summer of 2018. Trade in seeds and the operation of seed plantations remains unchanged. 

Sale of machines
In the near future, Brøndlundgård Planteskole will be ready with a list of the last machines that are available for sale. Send an email to Lars Bjerre Hansen,, if you are interested in receiving an email about machines and conditions.

Seed trade and seed plantations continue unchanged
It is important to emphasize that the decision to close the nursery does not change the fact that trade in seeds and the operation of seed plantations is still considered to be a core activity in HedeDanmark. The activities of seed trading and the operation of seed plantations add value to our customers. The area, which is now headed by Morten Krogh, Head of Department, continues therefore unchanged.

See more at if you are looking for a seed supplier.

Get the equipment you need

If you are a Christmas tree producer you can continue to find all the equipment you need for the production of Christmas trees etc at and  


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