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Forest – provides everything within forestry

HedeDanmark has a track record of more than 150 years in forest management/consulting and offers a wide range of services in the forest, based on experience and understanding of the needs of both forest and forest owner.

All of HedeDanmark’s services in the forest form a complete package that covers the entire forest development, from planting and cultivation to forest management and trade in forest products. Whatever challenges the forest owner faces – HedeDanmark can provide effective solutions based on extensive experience and expertise.

Forest management with major benefits

With forest management as one of the cornerstones of the HedeDanmark business, we offer solutions that are customised for our clients, with an emphasis on good advice and strong personal relationships between our foresters and the forest owners. Through a Forest Owner Advantage Programme, the forest owner achieves a number of benefits, such as access to a Forest Portal with current information about the forest.

Forestry done right

HedeDanmark performs forestry and thinning with special attention to choosing the right method, typically based on the type of growth. In addition, HedeDanmark offers effective marketing through our large-scale marketing pools.

Trade in timber and wood chips

Being the largest trading company within the Danish forestry sector, HedeDanmark has numerous trading partners in the wood-consuming industries, both nationally and internationally, which guarantees the right prices and constant opportunities to sell both timber and wood chips.

Forest care with focus on forest health

A forest cared for – is a well-managed forest. HedeDanmark values forest health very highly and performs all types of forest care services. Forest care can include everything from the planting of new cultures, pruning of weakened trees, thinning of the forest edges to care of open areas and forest roads, etc.

Hunting and game – an important resource

Game in the forest is an important resource for the forest owner both in terms of economy, ecology and recreation. For those reasons, it is important to create good conditions for the wildlife in the forest, which HedeDanmark can offer through a few simple steps.

Specialised production of Christmas trees and greenery

HedeDanmark’s insight in specialised production enables us to produce quality Christmas trees and greenery with great professionalism based on the latest knowledge about growth techniques and market conditions.

Forest certification to the benefit of the economy and the environment

HedeDanmark offers the internationally acknowledged PEFC and FSC® (FSC C103859) Forest Management Certification demonstrating environmentally sound practices and strong economic and sustainable forest management. The benefit for the environment and the economy is achieved by certification through a guarantee of sustainable forest management, a high demand and additional profit from the forest products.

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Thinning of pine
Thinning of pine
Branch thinning in open area
Branch thinning in open area

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