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Forest – based on more than 150 years of experience

The work and consulting services of the Forest division is based on experience in the care and development of Danish forests and landscapes since 1866. HedeDanmark manages, develops, runs and maintains more than 120,000 hectares of forest in Denmark.

Sustainable forest management
HedeDanmark’s division Forest advises and works primarily for private forest and land owners, municipalities, the Skov-Sam forest company, as well as the Danish Nature Agency under the Ministry of the Environment.

The Forest division has comprehensive know-how and experience in the development and certification of sustainable forestry in accordance with internationally recognised standards such as PEFC and FSC® (FSC C103859).


Climate friendly energy and timber for the industry
HedeDanmark supplies approx. 1.6 million cubic metres of piled/stacked wood chip to the Danish energy sector and industry which makes HedeDanmark the largest producer and supplier of bioenergy wood chips in Denmark.

The timber department exports more than 550,000 m3 timber a year from Danish and German forests to the international wood industry. Our primary customers are private forest and land owners, municipalities, private companies, district heating plants, etc. 

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Christmas trees and greenery on a large scale
The export department, HD NordicTrees, has a strong position on the European Christmas tree markets with more than 30 years of experience. The department trades with 17 countries from Russia in the east to the UK in the west. The customers are stall owners, garden centres, retail chains and wholesalers.


Quality seeds with the right genetics
HedeDanmark's seed development and supply department ensures the future generations of quality plants for Christmas tree plantations, shelterbelts, forest etc. 

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Forest management in the Baltic countries
Through the wholly owned company HD Forest, managing more than 50,000 hectares of forest and woodland, HedeDanmark is the largest independent private forest manager in the Baltic countries. In addition to managing and developing forests for investors, HD Forest also offers various other services such as forest property trade, facility services as well as farmland management for customers in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

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COO, Forest:
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COO, Forest division
Steen Vincens Riber

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