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We develop and care for nature for the benefit
of people, business, society and environment.
Green Service
We handle green service tasks - such as outdoor facility service, winter service and landscaping for private companies and the public sector.
We have assisted forest owners for almost 150 years with management and use of forest resources through sustainable production and operations.
Planting and Landscape Development
We provide afforestation, shelterbelts and planting within the landscape.
Nature and Water
We restore and maintain streams as well as perform nature conservation and restoration for the benefit of biodiversity.

Nature as focal point

HedeDenmark is Denmarks largest and leading service and trading company within the green area. HedeDenmark is represented with subsidiaries in Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the United Arab Emirates.

Professionalism, value creation and innovation are core values ​​for HedeDanmarks more than 1,000 employees who provide services to the forest, the open countryside, gardens and parks as well as the open spaces of the city.



Briefly about

Christmas trees and greenery export

Handling almost half a million Christmas trees and some 1,000 tonnes of greenery for European homes every year.
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Selected services

Innovation and development

Innovation and development are integrated in our core values. We develop solutions that improve life for our customers and employees.
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